Faculties and Departments of the Institute have always paid much attention to improving the quality of training. Much is being done today to update and improve the learning process of students and undergraduates. On a number of departments provides a two-stage structure of education (bachelor - master). The modern curriculum enhanced role of independent work, connection with the practice, the future work of the graduate. Each student is given the opportunity to select an individual learning path in the development of educational programs in the period of study. Much attention is paid to the health of students. The first two courses have obligatory physical education and sports. At the upper courses, these classes can optionally be continued in the sports sections.

How do we teach?

It is believed that the institute is made to gain knowledge, but this statement is only partly true! In today's world of information technology knowledge itself is always available to any person of average readiness to learn. Often you can see the picture when the superbly educated young man does not show himself in the workplace. Therefore, the whole world is talking now not about knowledge and skills, but about competencies - that means motivated by professional abilities to effectively solve professional problems.

However, to implement this just knowledge is not enough, though, it is certainly the foundation. Such qualities as professional mobility, active social position, responsibility and so much more are also important, each specialty has its own set of qualities that would qualify the successful specialist. Our Institute has a rating system of achievement assessment: the level of training of students is estimated to hundred-scale.


What we are proud of?

The Institute has developed and implemented a quality management system. May 4, 2005 Kostanay State Pedagogical Institute has obtained a certificate of compliance with the Dutch accreditation PW from Certification Association "Russian Register".

We became the 12th institution of higher education in Kazakhstan passed the audit for compliance with the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001:2000. Action of QMS covers educational activities in programs of higher professional and post-graduate education, management of innovation and research activities, resources, educational process, the creation of educational information resources. In anticipation of its 70th anniversary KSPI became a laureate of the "Leaders of the national economics", established by the International Business Council. We were awarded the title of "Leader of the National Economics in 2006."

September 11, 2008 Kostanay State Pedagogical Institute, through its Rector Professor Baymyrzaev K.M. signed the Magna universities, thus we have declared themselves in the international educational space, their willingness to participate in the Bologna process.
Institute on an ongoing basis cooperates with the state, public and educational institutions of Kazakhstan and many other countries.
A good example of such cooperation is opening of the Kostonay French Cultural Center in April 2007. The center is open on the basis of the Treaty on the co-operation between the Department of Cultural Affairs and Cooperation of the French Embassy in Kazakhstan and KSPI signed in November 2006.


Achievements: Modern technology

KSPI has a well-developed information and computer infrastructure, continually investing heavily in its perfection. The institute has created all necessary conditions for employment. The latest computers, audio and video, multimedia materials, free access to the Internet - all this makes the study varied, interesting and comfortable.

Training of students is carried out in specialized laboratories equipped with advanced measuring and technological equipment.
Information resources include a library of educational and methodical fund; book fund; a unique collection of electronic books, secured electronic reading room; fund print subscriptions. Decoration of the fund is a collection of publications of the end of XIX – beginning of XX centuries, numbering more than 1,000 books.

The Institute has a mini-printing press, allowing fully provide students methodological literature and publish scientific papers of the faculty.


Achievements:  Active student life

KSPI focuses on cultural life and leisure activities, sports and tourist activities, research activities of students.
Educational work of the modern institution is focused on the formation of citizenship, patriotism, promoting healthy lifestyles, overcoming the negative effects available to youth.

For this purpose was built the Youth Centre, including: choreographic studio, vocal studio, ballroom dancing, modern and oriental dance, aerobics, shaping, touring club, Club of the Funny and Inventive (KVN), drama club, the club of connoisseurs, student youth labor units.

Monthly are carried out cultural and recreational events and activities, including traditional holidays: Day of Knowledge, Dedication to Students, Festival of KVN, New Year, Valentine's Day, Student Debate Tournament, Intelligent tournaments experts, and etc. and original sensational "parties", "Project outside the city", "Alliance-party", sporting events: tournaments in volleyball, basketball, chess, checkers, backgammon, and others.


Achievements:  Friendly atmosphere

Opinions about the atmosphere at KSPI expressed by the students: "open", "light", "democratic", "friendly", "tolerant" and so on - this is just a small list of students' reviews of Kostanay State Pedagogical Institute.


Achievements: Our graduates

Graduates of KSPI are proud of their success in career and in life. They are energetic, self-motivated, ambitious in a good way, armed with modern, relevant knowledge.

Implementing the strategy of development of the institution, based on the excellence of the faculty and staff, following the highest standards of business ethics, integrity and unity of the team, our institute is looking with confidence to the future, for the right to keep a leading university in the Republic of Kazakhstan in the preparation of modern specialist.


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