Mussabekova Gulvira

  • Candidate of the Pedagogical Sciences
  • Acting Rector, Vice rector for the Academic work and Social problems
  • telephonePhone: (7142) 53-18-52

Labor activity

Experience of the work covers practically all education levels: Rural School, High School of the Rudnyi town, Kostanay, the Scientific and Practical center, specialized school for exceptional children; Carried out activity at the Kostanay State Pedagogical Institute college at a position of the Dean of Psychology and Pedagogical faculty; 5 years worked as the Vice rector of the Arkalyk State Pedagogical Institute of Y. Altynsarin. On October 13, 2017 by the results of a competition of top managers of Higher education institutions it is appointed the Vice rector for the Academic work and Social problems of KSPI.

Social job

  • The corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of the Higher School of Kazakhstan on the section "Education and Innovations"
  • The member of the Kazakhstan Association of Researchers in the Field of Education (KERA)
  • Member of the European Association of Higher education Institutions and teachers of the Higher School (HiSTES)
  • Former Member of the Political council of branch of the Nur Otan party of the Kostanay region and public council of the city of Arkalyk,
  • Clubman of Female politicians of the Kostanay region.
  • Clubman of Association of Business Women of the Kostanay Region

Professional development

  • Scientific training within the program of Professional development "Management in education" (Slovakia, Bratislava, 2014).
  • Training in the Program of professional development of leaders of the Higher Education of Kazakhstan at Nazarbayev University (Fund of leadership of the Great Britain, London, 2015).
  • Advanced training courses for heads of Higher Education institutions of RK according to the Management of the Higher School program of Al-Farabi.
  • Training within the "Monitoring and Assessment of Activity of Corporate Governing Bodies in Higher Education Institutions taking into account the New Principles of Purpose of Top Management" project (MES RK, 2017) and others.
  • The author about 50 educational and scientific publications, including in rating scientific publications with a nonzero impact-factor in the Kazakh, Russian and English languages. It is awarded with the breastplate "Honorable educator".

G.A. Mussabekova will organize, controls and responsibility for a condition of educational and methodical and educational work at institute; solution of social problems; quality of training and teaching; introduction of new technologies of training; planning and performance of pedagogical loading, calculation of hours and preparation of the states of the faculty of departments and training centers given to a statement; carrying out SAC, educational and fact-finding, production and pedagogical practical; distribution of graduates of a bachelor degree, their arrival to places of distribution; resolves the issues connected with definition of need for graduates of a bachelor degree, with their full employment; effective use of educational rooms at institute; activity of selection committee; will organize work of faculties, educational and methodical management, management on social and educational work; office Registrar, selection committee.

Exercises control and personal responsibility for violation of the legislation on religious activity among students and employees of institute, including, for distribution of the forbidden religious literature, creation at institute of religious associations and also, for any manifestations of religious extremism and terrorism in educational institution. Takes part in maintenance and improvement of a functional condition of system of the management of quality.

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  • Tel./fax: +7 (7142) 51-11-57

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