Psychological and Pedagogical Faculty

Dean of the Faculty

Aydnaliyeva Nazgul

Aydnaliyeva Nazgul

Candidate of pedagogical sciences


Deputy Dean

Алипбаева Гульжан Агыбаевна

Alipbayeva Gulzhan

Master of biology


Psychological and pedagogical faculty was formed in 2004 owing to the restitution of Kostanay State Pedagogical Institute. There is a form of on-site training for students. As an alternative, extramural training is available. The later has the following division: the form based on secondary special education and the form based on higher education. The financial bases of education are state educational grants and education on a contract basis. The languages of education are Russian and Kazakh.

Name of groups of educational programs:

  • В001 Pedagogy and Psychology
  • В002 Pre-school education and upbringing
  • В003 Pedagogy and methods of primary education
  • В020 Training Specialists in Special Pedagogy
  • В041 Psychology
  • M001 Pedagogy and Psychology

Admission to the specialty of the faculty is carried out on the basis of the UNT (subject of choice - 1 Profile subject: Biology, 2 Profile subject: Geography).

Graduates of psycho-pedagogical faculty can work in:

  • The education system: Colleges, schools, kindergartens, mini-centers, administrations and departments of education, training institutes, special and remedial schools, psychological - pedagogical correction office, etc.
  • Manufacturing enterprises
  • Law enforcement and penal institutions
  • Rehabilitation and social adaptation centers
  • The centers of vocational guidance and vocational training
  • Employment centers
  • The center of study of public opinion and political technologies
  • Sports organizations
  • Research organizations
  • Institutions of social protection and health
  • Scientific - research organizations

Training work with students is oriented towards formation of civic consciousness, patriotism, healthy lifestyle promotion, and negotiation of negative developments that might exist among young people.


Psycho-pedagogical faculty is known for its tradition, great attention is paid to the cultural life and leisure activities, sport events, scientific and research activity of students. Students annually participate in the art festival dedicated to the Day of Independence of Kazakhstan. In full creative power manifests the talents are shown through the faculty choir, constantly update with the dance group of students, which annually raises more and more new choreography. There is the volunteer work among the students of the faculty.


Traditionally, the institute has following events, such as the military-patriotic song contest, the competition among freshmen "Alaman" where students of the program "Serpіn" are enrolled, "Dedication to students", "Holiday of Health", "KVN".


Information and library collection of the faculty on all specialities is completed, provided by educational, teaching, methodic and scientific literature. The videomaterials are formed of lesson videofragments. The faculty staff conducts systematic work on replenishment of the electronic library.

Training at the psychological and pedagogical faculty guarantees the student:

  • getting full and qualitative professional education, professional competence in the field of pedagogics;
  • learning humanitarian culture, ethical and legal rules regulating relation to a person, society, environment;
  • development of cognitive, information-communicative, constructive, designing, organizational skills significant for pedagogical activity;
  • formation of professional competence in the field of pedagogics, mastering of principles of pedagogical skill as the main condition for realization of pedagogical activity;
  • development of thinking culture, skills of self-education and scientific organ-ization of work;
  • learning a wide range of modern pedagogical technologies providing full socialisation, integration and personal development of children;
  • choice of an individual education program;
  • continuation education at the following step of higher professional training;
  • special-pedagogical activity at special preschool and school educational organizations for children with disorders of mind, sight, hearing, speech, and locomotor apparatus.

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