Department of Pedagogics

Head of the department

Utegenova Bibikul Mazanovna

Kaliev Dastan

Master of Education

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Department of Pedagogics, being the leading structural division of teacher training institute, carries out various educational, scientific and methodical functions and pedagogical maintenance of a number of innovative processes in higher education institution. Scientifically – pedagogical and methodical capacity of department allows achieving positive results and prospects of self-improvement.

Scientific and methodical subject of department is "Improvement of Psychological-Pedagogical Training of the Teacher of a New Formation" which is reflected in individual plans of work of the faculty of department.

Under the leadership of the chair manager of pedagogics, candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor Utegenova B. M., teachers take part in all programs which are related to the 12-year system in the Republic of Kazakhstan, closely connect with Department of education, Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, area and city schools.

In general, according to the participants' opinion, the issues covered in the workshop are productive. Total online seminar was attended by 60 schools of Kostanay region. Teachers of the department are working on the realization of the State program of modernization of Modern Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, carry out activities in interaction with region schools, Department of education, professional lyceums and colleges. Dayker A.F. implements scientific management and the management of advisory council of Physichic-Mathematic Lyceum of Kostanay.Annually the department organizes the scientific and student's conference "Pedagogical Science by Student's viewpoint".

Material maintenance of the department allows scientific and methodological work at the appropriate level. The department has methodical office with a book collection of over three thousand copies of the educational and scientific-methodical literature, scientific periodicals, 15 computers, six laptops and three multimedia complexes.


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