Structure of the Information and Library Center

Универсальный Абонемент

Universal issue point

Promptly provides readers with scientific, popular science, educational, educational and methodological, fiction literature in Kazakh, Russian and other languages for work outside the library.

Универсальный читальный зал

Universal reading room

Offers readers an obligatory repertoire of the book fund, which includes the most valuable, up-to-date literature, as well as computers for independent work of students and connection to the Internet.

Читальный зал переодических изданий и редких книг

Reading room for periodicals and rare books

Acquaints readers with domestic and foreign periodicals, provides the most timely and up-to-date information. The rare books fund is actively used by teachers, students, undergraduates for scientific purposes.


Electronic reading room

Provides an opportunity to work independently with information resources on digital media, use Internet services, write text of scientific articles, work programs, tests, check student's thesis papers.

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