Educational center of physical training

Head of the center

Тулегенов  Аманжол  Багытжанович

Tulegenov Amanzhol

Senior teacher

The organization of the educational process in the educational center of physical training is carried out in accordance with the plan, set goals and objectives, approved legal documents and approved annual load of teachers.

In order to improve the quality of the educational process, the center's teachers carry out:

  • application of information technologies in the course of training sessions (lecture, practical);
  • teachers improve the quality of the educational process by mastering new technologies in the development of test tasks for students;
  • professional development (participation in seminars, scientific and practical conferences);
  • introduction of innovative methods and technologies to improve the educational process.

Teachers take an active part in the preparation and organization of sports events during the school year.

Students participate in competitions of various levels during the academic year. Such as: the annual ski festival, Spartakiad among the Universities of the city, the regional festival "Student Spring", spring and autumn cross-country runs on may 9, for the prizes of the educator-teacher Ibray Altynsarin, and so on.

Our students also participate In the national Student League in mini-football and basketball.

In the Summer and Winter Universiades of the Republic of Kazakhstan, World University games and International student competitions.

Every year, our students actively participate in sports events and take prizes at competitions of various levels.


Coaches conduct sports sections in different sports:

  • volleyball
  • basketball
  • mini-football
  • table tennis
  • fighting
  • fitness
  • intellectual games (checkers, chess, togyzkumalak)
  • presidential all-around
  • kettlebell lifting

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110000, Kostanay, Tauelsizdik street, 118

  • Tel./fax: +7 (7142) 51-11-57

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