Demisenov Berik

  • + Department of physical and mathematical disciplines
  • + Position: Associate Professor
  • + Academic degree: Candidate Of Physical And Mathematical Sciences

Graduated from Omsk state University in 1985. Specialty: 0101-Mathematics. Qualification: mathematician, teacher. In 1995 he defended his PhD thesis on specialty 010106-Mathematical logic, algebra and number theory.

Disciplines taught:

  • Алгебра и теория чисел 1
  • Решение логических задач
  • Введение в теорию алгебр Ли и их представлений
  • Алгебра и теория чисел 2
  • Методы решения олимпиадных задач

He has 15 publications

The main direction of scientific activity:

  • combinatorial theory of Lie algebras,
  • semisimple Lie algebras,
  • methods of solving Olympiad problems,
  • philosophical problems of mathematics

Schedule of individual work with students: Monday-12.30-13.20, 609, 427.

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