The Code of honesty of KSPI students

  • The student seeks to become the worthy citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the professional in the chosen specialty, to develop the best qualities of the creative person.
  • The student is respectful to the older people, doesn’t allow roughness in relation to people around and shows sympathy for socially unprotected people and as far as possible takes care for them.
  • The student is an example of decency, culture and morals, is intolerant of manifestations of immorality and does not allow manifestations of discrimination on sexual, national or religious sign.
  • The student leads a healthy lifestyle and completely refuses addictions.
  • The student respects the traditions of the Higher Education Institution, protects its property, keeps up purity and order in the students’ House.
  • The student recognizes any activity as necessary and useful aimed at the development of creative activity (scientific and educational, sports, art), increase in corporate culture and image of the Higher Education Institution.
  • The student always remembers that he is the representative of the Higher School and makes all efforts not to lose his honor and advantage out of the Institute’s walls.
  • The student considers a duty to fight against all types of the academic dishonesty, among which: writing off and asking to other persons for the help while the procedures of control of the knowledge; representation of the ready training materials of any volume (papers, course, control, diploma and other papers), including Internet resources, as results of own work; use of family or office relations for receiving a higher mark; truancies, delay and the admission of the lessons without valid reason.
  • The student considers all listed types of the academic dishonesty as incompatible with receiving quality and competitive education, a worthy future economic, political and administrative elite of Kazakhstan.

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