Sivokhin Ivan

  • + Department of the Theory and practice of physical culture and sport
  • + Position: Head of the Research and Education Center for Physical Education and Sports Training
  • + Academic degree: Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences

Sivokhin Ivan Pavlovich, born in 1957, graduated as a Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Honored Coach of the Republic of Kazakhstan in weightlifting, Master of Sports in Weightlifting, member of the International Scientific and Methodical Commission of the Asian Weightlifting Federation (AWF), International category judge.

Graduated with honors from the Kazakh Institute of Physical Culture in Almaty. In 1985-88 the year. was trained in full-time postgraduate study in the State Central Lenin Institute of Physical Education, in 1990 defended his thesis for the degree of Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences.

Sivokhin I.P. actively conducts research work in two topical areas: "Managing the process of training highly qualified athletes" and "Health and behavior of young students". Based on the results of the research work, 75 scientific and methodical articles and 3 teaching aids have been published. Actively participates in national and international conferences. He takes part in joint scientific and educational projects with specialists from Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Mongolia.

They prepared 15 masters of sports of the RK, 7 masters of sports of international class, among which 6 people became champions and prize-winners of the Asian and World Weightlifting Championships. He is Honored coach of the Republic of Kazakhstan in weightlifting. He actively cooperates with the national team of Kazakhstan in weightlifting as a consultant trainer and is responsible for the scientific and methodological provision of training weightlifters of the Kazakhstan national team for the champions of Asia, the world and the Olympic Games.

In December 2013, the materials of the first republican scientific and practical seminar of coaches on the 75th anniversary of weightlifting of the Republic of Kazakhstan were published under the general editorship of Sivokhin IP, Head of the Scientific and Educational Center for Physical Education and Sports Training. The materials presented about 20 articles of analytical and scientific-methodical directions on the main problems of development of weightlifting in the Republic of Kazakhstan and improving the system of training highly skilled weightlifters that were presented by leading experts and trainers in weightlifting.

Ivan Pavlovich has the title of international category judge and constantly participates in the judging of Asian and world championships, and was also involved in the judging of the XXI Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008 and the XXX Olympic Games in 2012 in London.
Sivokhin Ivan Pavlovich is the head of the complex scientific team of the Kazakhstan national team in weightlifting.

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