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The main goal of the educational direction is to improve the quality of educational, upbringing and research activities, develop the mobility of teachers and students, introduce elements of multilingual education, and improve work programs in line with the transition to 12-year education.

To improve the quality of classes held by the teaching staff of the Department of Philology in the direction "Training of teachers of the Russian language and literature" was published:

  • Monograph "The principles of aesthetic interaction between the hero and the author in prose at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries" at Lambert Publishing House (Germany), the materials of which can be used in the preparation and conduct of training sessions on the subject "Russian literature of the early twentieth century."
  • The manual “Artistic time and space in a literary work”, materials of the manual help students in perceiving the most complex issues related to the development of the specifics of Russian literature.
  • Textbook "Actual problems of word formation";
  • Teaching aid “Organization of scientific research in philology at a university and school”;
  • Electronic textbook “Scientific style of speech”;
  • Educational-methodical manual "The specifics of the study of Kazakh literature in high school."
  • Video film on the discipline "Children's Literature" together with the Training Laboratory "Innovative Educational Technologies", created by 4th year students of the specialty "Russian Language and Literature".
  • Educational-methodical manual "Professional Russian language for computer scientists." On its basis 1 electronic manual was prepared.
  • The electronic manual “Specificity of Russian Literature of the 20th Century”, which received a title of protection from the Committee on Intellectual Property under the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The author of the manual is Pchelkina T.R.
  • Electronic manual "Methodology for organizing work with gifted children", author Pchelkina T.R. (2019).
  • Educational-methodical publication “History of Foreign Literature: Workshop”, author Konvisarova L.A. (2019).
  • Electronic manual "Methodological recommendations for the implementation of practical classes in the discipline" Professional Russian language "(for specialty 5B010800 -Physical Culture and Sports)", by Koval O.V. (2019).
  • In January 2018, a discussion was held on the modular educational program “Russian Language and Literature”, during which new disciplines were introduced at the suggestion of employers: children's literature and expressive reading in a modern school, the basics of philology research in universities and schools, the basics of project activities teacher-philologist in a modern school, scientific and business documentation in the professional activities of a teacher-philologist, work with gifted children in the Russian language and literature in updated conditions of educational system.

Teachers of the center introduce innovative teaching technologies and new teaching methods into the educational process, allowing to activate cognitive activity, strengthen independent training, and improve the quality of the educational process.

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Classes are held using modern technical means, educational and teaching literature of leading world publishers (for example, Oxford, Hueber, Longman, etc.).

Teachers constantly improve their professional skills by participating in regional, republican, international conferences, seminars and trainings, which are held by the Embassies of France and Germany in the Republic of Kazakhstan, and also actively participate in language seminars.

  • Sukhova A.V. On July 6-21, 2017, advanced training was held under the international Erasmus+ program, an internship in Perpignan (France) at ViaDomicia University.
  • Ungutbaeva G.Sh. passed a foreign internship, consisting of two stages. The first stage took place from October 9 to October 21, 2017 - online training, during which three modules were mastered: psychological and pedagogical, systems for assessing the results of education, and technological. Listeners had access to webinars, overview lectures, presentations, assignments for each module, and final testing for all modules. The second stage was held at the ISEP Porto Technical University in Portugal from 10.31.17. on November 9, 1717
  • On December 11-15, 2017, a series of trainings on the topic “Trilingual education” was held with a lecturer James Edward Thomas.
  • From February 19 to March 3, 2018 Associate Professor, Ph.D. Kudritskaya M.I. passed training at the British Council in Almaty.
  • Ismagulova G.K. took part in the work of the German Institutional Partnership, (international project, Baku, 02/05/10. 2017).
  • From July 31 to August 13, 2016 the teacher Abisheva S.K. took part in the language seminar on the topic “Methods of teaching the German language” in Bonn (Germany)
  • From August 27 to September 09, 2017, teacher Kuskadamova K.S. took a language training course on the topic "Methods of teaching the German language" in Schwäbisch Hall (Germany).

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