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The head of the center

Abisheva Saule

Abisheva Saule

Master of Pedagogy

Formation of  "polylingualism" - is a difficult, long and important process from the developed political position and present realities. The language training is connected with the acquaintance with cultural, historical, social values of each language have to serve as means of mutual understanding between the people. The formation of language competence is the enrichment of the culture. Understanding of polylingual education as values causes relevance of implementation of scientific projects and development of the practical actions directed to the formation of the polylingual personality.

The Kostanay state pedagogical university sets a goal of competitive expert training with three languages knowledge for the educational process: a state language – Kazakh, Russian as the language of international communication and English as the language of successful integration into global economy. In this regard and for implementation of the Message of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan "New Kazakhstan in the new world", the cultural project "Trinity of Languages", in 2013 has been created the Center of multilingualism.

The goal of the center is Ensuring scientific and methodical maintenance of teachers' professional development within polylingual education, and also assistance in the management of the development of a new formation in the context of an implementation of the national project "Trinity of Languages".

The objectives of the Center:

  1. Improvement of personnel and scientific potential by means of various forms of professional development in the field of multilingualism;
  2. Cooperation in exchange of experience from NIS, foreign and national polylingual higher education institutions and schools on teaching profile disciplines and preparation of polylingual shots;
  3. The organization and carrying out English courses, the Kazakh and Russian languages for students and teachers of KSPU;
  4. Actualization of innovative, research and experimental activities for a problem of the Center on the basis of modern achievements of science;
  5. Activation of work with teachers, carrying out and planning educational preparation in polylingual groups;
  6. Holding actions with students for the education of the versatile, polylingual personality.

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