Department of social disciplines, basics of law and economics

Head of the department

Жумабаев Канат Аканович

Zhumabayev Kanat

PhD in Economics

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The Department organized the order of Minister of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the USSR March 17, 1960.

Pupils work in the department of educational and scientific institutions engaged in research work and the organizational and managerial activities. In different periods of the department was headed by Gazizov KZ, Tumanshin KM, Wolfson BM, Teng, VA, Dukhin YK, YG Solodkin, Light DM For years, the department worked first in the field of Kostanai doctor of historical sciences, professor, a veteran of World War II Makotchenko VS His working career began at the Department of an outstanding scientist, academician, director of the Institute of Ethnology and history of the name Valikhanov Kozybaev MK, Academician Dr ZA Aldamzharov for many years worked in the department.

PhDs are many teachers over the years worked at the department-Solodkin YG, Logvin V., Teng, VA, Rubenstein EB, Light DM - Doctor of Historical Sciences. Defended their dissertations Ternovoy IK, Taskuzhina KJ, Qurna TV, Dzhanturin GD, Kaliyeva SS, Asanova GK, Ohio, VN, AA Vidershpan , Urdabaeva LE, Yarochkin EV Kifik NY, Shaukenov JA, S. Samarkin.

Scientists from the pen of the department went a solid scientific publications: monographs, textbooks and methodical. Liaison with leading universities in ROK. Head. Chair of "World History" EB Rubinstein (from 2005-2009). Was a member of the Dissertation Council for World History and International Relations KazNU them. Al-Farabi. At this time, Head of the Department of World history and public disciplines Ph.D., Senior Lecturer Yarochkina E.V.

Department staff capacity allows for the learning process in a professional manner: Ph.D., associate professor Tolegen M. A., the Excellent Education of the Kazakh SSR, Ph.D., Professor YK Dukhin, Ph.D., Associate Professor Yarochkina E.V., Ph.D., of Art. Lecturer Samarkin S., Ph.D., p. Lecturer Kifik NY, Senior Lecturer, Master of Law Ragatova MO, Senior Lecturer Razuvaeva M., Ph.D., professor Shevchenko L.Ya., Ph.D., associate professor Alibek T.K., Ph.D., associate professor Skrynsky I.M., Ph.D., Amantayeva A.B., Ph.D., Nazarova S.V., Ph.D., Alshanova B. H., Senior Lecturer Bukhmetova A.A., Senior Lecturer Zhusupbekova G. E., Senior Lecturer Aydnaliyeva A.T., teacher Shegenova Zh.N.

The department oversees the training of specialists in 5В011500 — Basics of Law and Economy. Students, including those familiar with the latest achievements of historical scholarship. Preparation of educational activities, communication with schools is a leading Methodist Kifik NY Basic School of Kostanai school № 11, 23, 30, 3, 7, 9, 11, 1, 2, gymnasium them. Maxim Gorky, and others.


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