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Evdokimova Olga

Evdokimova Olga

Candidate of pedagogical sciences


The opening of the Department of the AKP on the basis KSPI has its own prehistory. In October 2014 with the purpose to foster the students’ patriotism and their formation of tolerant behavior the Assembly of the People was established. The Assembly of People of Kazakhstan Department was established in the 1st of September, 2016 and in the 21st of October 2016 was the official presentation, timed to the 25th anniversary of Independence of Kazakhstan. The purpose of the department – is the propaganda of APK’s activities in the spirit of tolerance, patriotism and strengthening the Kazakh identity.

The event was attended by the special guests: Anatoliy Bashmakov - the Deputy of the Senate of the Parliament of Kazakhstan IV-V convocations, a member of the Council of the AKP, the AKP head of the department of ENU. LN Gumilyov, Nurbek Shayahmetov – the head of service of scientific and expert support and methodological support of RSU " Қоғамдық келісім " under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, representatives of Kostanay region, the regional ANC and the House of Friendship, creative teams. During the meeting, a Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation in the face of the AKP and Anatoly Bashmakova KSPI in the face of pro-rector Tlegen Akhmetov and held a round table on the theme: "Science and Education and the educational role of the ANC in the department of social and political processes of the country".

Кафедра Ассамблеи народа Казахстана

The main fields of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan’s Department

Forming students' tolerant behavior begins with the creation of tolerant, cultural and educational environment at institute, which is based on the unity of the three areas of work: teaching, scientific research and educational areas.

Educational and methodical field

  • The development of professional development course in the field of formation Kazakhstan identity and the strengthening of inter-ethnic relations;
  • Holding open classes, lectures with the participation of experts in various areas of ethnic policy;
  • Schools and mediation work of public diplomacy.


Research field

  • Participation in the implementation of grant financing of MES RK research projects;
  • participation in the NEG Kostanay, as well as in scientific and practical conferences, round tables;
  • learning processes and ways of strengthening inter-ethnic peace and harmony in the region;
  • Development of scientific and methodical literature for schools and universities in the region


Educational field

  • Recommendations’ development to clarify the main concepts of the national ethnic policy and the implementation in the educational work of educational institutions;
  • Holding educational events dedicated to important dates of the republic in order to foster patriotism and formation of Kazakhstan identity among students


Action «Inestimable gift»

The striking and memorable moment in the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan Department presentation in Kostanay State Pedagogical Institute was the donation the unique books from the SI «Қоғамдық келісім» under the President of Kazakhstan within the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, the charity event “Inestimable Gift”.

Акция «Бесценный дар»

The list of books consists of the works on the history and culture of Kazakhstan, including the monograph "Twenty Years of the APK: one country - one destiny" and "The idea of peace and social harmony", "Ethno political Dictionary" anthology "Musical heritage of ethnic groups of Kazakhstan", collections of materials "Friendship of nations during World War II: the pages of newspapers front" and "Flame of Victory" and more.

The given books were published in limited edition; therefore, there is a bibliography rarity and perform scientific and educational environment. The students and advanced training courses’ participants have the opportunity to get acquainted with this literature at the Department of the APK.

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