On May 12, a meeting was held among all the universities of Kazakhstan participating in the international KUTEL project with the country coordinator Zakirova Gulnara Demeshevna. This meeting was caused by the need to prepare the main activities for the completion of the second reporting period for the project. Gulnara Demeshevna quite clearly set the tasks for all the universities involved in the project. Firstly, it is necessary to complete the procurement procedure for equipment planned under the project and prepare the relevant documentation.

Kifik N.Yu., Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism and Bezhina V.V., Associate Professor of the Department of Philology took part in the II International Scientific and Practical Conference "Professional Competencies as Integral Qualities of a Personality of a Specialist" based on Shadrinsk State Pedagogical University. The purpose of the conference is the exchange of experience in the formation and development of professional competencies as integral characteristics of the personal qualities of future specialists in various areas of society.

An introductory workshop was held for students of the Faculty of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism and students of the Faculty of Natural Sciences on KUTEL project “Kazak Universities to foster quality assurance processes in Technology Enhanced Learning”, during which students got acquainted with the activities of the University in this international projecton November, 21st, 2019. So, the students were presented with the results of the first international project and demonstrated the main stages of the activities of the second international project. In November 2018, a new project “KUTEL” was launched. This is the second international project where Kostanay State Pedagogical University participates. This project is funded by the European Commission.

On the basis of the State Organization “Organization of Professional Unions in Kostanay Region”, on June,20th, 2019, a meeting was held with government officials working in the field of ensuring the quality of education. Among the participants of the meeting were the heads of the Kostanai apparatus, workers in the field of ensuring the quality of education, employees in the social and legal spheres. The organizer of the meeting is a member of the research group V.V. Bezhina. 

April 9 in Almaty on the basis of the Almaty University of Energy and Communications, which is a partner of our university in the KUTEL project, the first monitoring on the implementation of the project “Universities of Kazakhstan for improving quality assurance processes in training using new technologies” was held.
The purpose of this monitoring was to analyze the main directions of the project, identify the key functions of each project participant, identify the main activities carried out during the project, understand the content and significance of all the project work packages.

A virtual meeting with representatives of the partner countries was organized within the framework of the international project of the European Union Erasmus + “KUTEL” on April 2nd , 2019. The members of the research group of the KSPU named after U.Sultangazin are Kifik N.Yu., Bezhina V.V., Gridneva V.M. - took an active part in the discussion of the organization of the upcoming monitoring at the Almaty Institute of Power and Communications (Almaty, Kazakhstan). During the online meeting (hangouts), each participant was assigned work sections and a series of tasks for presentation.

One of the main activities of the project is the presence of feedback from participants in the educational process. To this end, partner universities have developed a questionnaire for interviewing teachers and employers. The purpose of this survey is to identify the general awareness of the faculty on the main issues of ensuring the quality of the educational process at the university. Knowledge of the basic processes of organizing the educational process, the preparation of work programs, syllabuses, individual student plans, etc. In addition, the survey provides an analysis of the situation where possible changes in quality assurance procedures.

In the period from February 25 to February 26, 2019, the first meeting on the Erasmus + European Union KUTEL international project was held on the basis of the University of Guglielmo Marconi (Rome, Italy). This meeting was attended by representatives of 13 partner universities from both the Republic of Kazakhstan and from abroad (Finland, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy). The meeting discussed issues of further work plan for the project, the appointment of responsible partners for the implementation of sections of work (WPs).

In November 2018, KUTEL launched a new project, “KAZAKHSTAN UNIVERSITIES FOR IMPROVING QUALITY ASSURANCE PROCESSES IN TRAINING USING ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES.” This is the second international project in which Kostanay State Pedagogical University participates. Work in this project is designed for 3 years. The main objective of this project is to improve the quality assurance processes in training, through the use of modern educational technologies. In this regard, preparatory work has already been done to analyze the state of the quality of the educational process at the university and to analyze the use of modern educational technologies of education.

On September 16, the final conference of the ACADEMICA project was held, which was organized as part of a major international conference entitled “Internationalization of Higher Education: Experience in Implementing Tempus IV, Erasmus Mundus, Erasmus + Projects at KSU named after Sh.Ualikhanov” dedicated to the tenth anniversary of the joint European Tempus projects IV, Erasmus Mundus and Erasmus +. The plenary session was held at the Regional Kazakh Music and Drama Theater named after Sh. Kusainov. The plenary session began with a speech by the rector of the university M. Syrlybayev.

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