«Free speech» - свобода слова. Именно такой позиции придерживается руководство нашего ВУЗа в работе со студентами. В рамках такого «свободного» общения, 12 марта 2020 года состоялась встреча исполняющей обязанности ректора КГПУ им.У.Султангазина Мусабековой Гульвиры Айдархановны со студентами – участниками проектного офиса «Саналы ұрпақ». Эти ребята являют собой неравнодушных к судьбе своего государства людей с активной гражданской позицией, нетерпящих проявлений коррупции как в стенах родного ВУЗа, так и в других сферах общественной жизни. 

November 16, 2018, students of the specialty "Basics of Law and Economics" took an active part in the youth scientific-practical conference "Anti-corruption modeling of social processes as a factor of stability of the state and civil society." During the scientific and practical conference, a presentation of youth projects on the problems of identifying, evaluating and overcoming corruption risks in certain segments of the public service and other professional activities was held.

22 October, 2018, students of the 3rd year of the specialty «Fundamentals of Law and Economics» of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities Gappar Ayzere, Matylov Dәekirzhan, Kuanysh Symbat, Omirbayeva Urmankul, Mukhamedrahimova Zhansulu, Ospanova Kamila, Rahimgaliyeva Anara together with their students and their team of students and students. and Razuvaeva M.V. took an active part in the work of the focus group on preparing for the youth scientific-practical conference on the topic “Anti-corruption modeling of social processes as a factor of stability of the state and civil society”..

On April 26, 2018 in a conference room of the Kostanay state pedagogical university there has taken place the meeting with Youth Anti-corruption Initiative club which is an important element in development of patriotism, civil activity and formation of the principle of "zero" tolerance to corruption offenses and helps chosen him as vigorous activity, to develop such abilities as critical thinking, the logician, active a civic stand and an ideal of honesty and justice. The meeting purpose - association of not indifferent pupils of Higher education institutions.

On April 10, 2018 in a conference room of the Kostanay state pedagogical universities the meeting of students with members of special monitoring group of the external analysis and assessment of realization of Anti-corruption strategy of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2015-2025 has been held. Were present at a meeting - Solovyova Aygul Sagadibekovna is the head of Republican special monitoring group, Berdalin Armand Tlectessovitch is the director of the department of public relations of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for public service and to anti-corruption, Dumabekov of Musagali Sarsenbayula - the member of Republican special monitoring group, the president of "National anti-corruption committee".

Recently with students of NMF the deputy head of Association of the Children's and Youth organizations of the Kostanay region Zharinova Elena Vasilyevna has held a meeting. During the meeting I there were a speech about one of burning issues of our society – corruption. Execution of public service is expression of special trust from society and the state and places great demands on moral ethically shape of public servants.

On Wednesday, November 29 at 11:00 a.m., within the pursued state policy on anti-corruption at the KSPI the anti-corruption action was carried out "45 minutes about anti-corruption policy". This event is held within the republican event which provided carrying out explanatory work in educational collectives, discussions of anti-corruption strategy for 2015-2025 and the Plan of the nation of "100 Specific steps". The event is initiated by the university within a past in Nazarbayev University of a teleconference on the academic honesty and supported by the agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for public service and to anti-corruption and also heads of higher education institutions of Kazakhstan.

On November 24, 2017 students of the KSPI took active part in a flash mob, organized in support of a republican youth student's action "Adal Bol” The flashmob was held at the initiative of Department of the Agency on affairs of public service and to anti-corruption across the Kostanay region together with Management concerning youth policy of akimat of the Kostanay region. The event purpose was forming of anti-corruption culture in the student's environment.

November 15, 2017, the pedagogical Institute was held the meeting of the Commissioner on the ethics of SU "Akim's Apparatus of the Kostanay region" Sundikov Kairat Zhandildenovic with students final year social Sciences and Humanities, naturally-mathematical faculties. The moderator of the meeting was the Head of the pedagogical Institute staff Bekmagambetov R. K. In his opening remarks he noted that the Institute constantly cooperates with local authorities. In March 2017, was signed a Memorandum with the Department of Agency for civil service Affairs and anti-corruption in Kostanay region, thanks to the revitalization of some of our graduates today are focused on work in public institutions. Jointly work on combating corruption.

On October 5, 2017 in KSPI the meeting of students of older years of Social and Humanitarian faculty with the acting Head of the department of prevention of corruption of Department for public service across the Kostanay region - Bolat Rustem took place. The principles and methods of against corruption work of Department and also a reception condition on public service were in detail stated to students. Students learned what structure of public service of the RK and what basic laws it is necessary to know at revenues to civil service.

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