В период с 13 по 18 января 2020 года в КГПУ им. У.Султангазина прошла ежегодная Спартакиада среди преподавателей и сотрудников КГПУ, посвященная 175-летию А.Кунанбаева. Спартакиада прошла по 9 видам спорта: шашки, шахматы, тоғыз құмалақ, асық ату, дартс, настольный теннис, волейбол, мини-футбол и лыжные гонки. Основная цель Спартакиады - пропаганда здорового образа жизни, комплектования сборной команды КГПУ, выявление сильнейших спортсменов для участия в региональных соревнованиях. Преподаватели и сотрудники приняли активное участие во всех соревнованиях. Лыжные гонки прошли на нашей оздоровительной базе в сосновом бору.

On October 31, 2018, a charity fair was held in support of Victoria Shishkina, who recently turned a year! She was diagnosed with congenital renitopathy; the girl sees absolutely nothing. The operation, which can give the girl a chance to see this world in all colors, requires a rather large amount - 500,000 tenge. The fair was organized by the students of the faculty of physical education, sports and tourism with the support of the University's upbringing department! Sponsored assistance was provided by the social project “Taste of Good!” which was created with the support of Zhasproject.

October 18, 2018 in a dorm of Kostanay State pedagogical was held the meeting with Stahlbeton Serik Umurzakova. He's a public figure of Kazakhstan, an activist of the anti-nuclear movement "Nevada-Semipalatinsk", member of the working group on the development of legislation. The meeting was attended by Bekmagambetov Ruslan Kabdugalievich - Chief of Staff of Kostanay State Pedagogical University and Abai Zhusupov Zhangeldinovich - head of Department for socio-educational work. During the meeting, Serik Umurzakuly spoke about the peace and harmony of people of Kazakhstan, in which each nation respects the traditions, customs and culture of other nations.

October 11, 2018 in the auditorium of Kostanai State Pedagogical University hosted an event "Dedication to Students - 2018". After the opening ceremony a congratulatory speech by the university rector, Professor E.A. Abil also passed ceremony of a student card 1st year student of Social and Humanities Faculty - master of sports of international class in ballroom dancing in a wheelchair Malik Mukhtarova. Together with the Rector of all the students sang the hymn "Under the sky KSPU".

October 5, 2018 on the basis of Kostanay State Pedagogical University in the organization "Zhas Otan" KSPU passed inter-faculty debate tournament devoted to discussion of the problem of nuclear weapons in the context of contemporary globalization. The main topic of discussion was the resolution "Elimination of Nuclear Weapons: What we have gained thanks to this decision? What is your attitude to the decision, the refusal of nuclear weapons? We lost by abandoning him? ". Also, members of the intellectual and the discussion of the fight has been affected by such a current topic today as "Positive and negative aspects of urbanization in the world today."

In Kostanay State Pedagogical University has become a tradition to combine the celebration of the elderly and the Teacher's Day Day. Celebrate this day of all: teachers and technicians, laboratory technicians, artists and librarians. Because each of them has contributed to the emergence of tomorrow's teachers. So this year, veterans of the institute - the University were invited to this celebration. Immediately at the entrance each guest was greeted by the students and escorted to the assembly hall in the place of honor. The concert began with the welcome speech of the rector of the university professor Әbіl E.A., who congratulated the participants not only from the day the teacher, but also on the Day of kindness and respect.

October 3, 2018 in the auditorium of Kostanay Pedagogical University hosted a concert dedicated to the Day of the Teacher. Host of the evening were 2nd year students, the Faculty of Philology - Zyuban Vyacheslav Nagashibaeva and Madina. 2nd year student Nurdollaeva Makpal Nurakhmet and Dana continued the concert, singing the traditional song "Teacher, my teacher." Rector of the University, doctor of historical sciences, professor Erkin Amanzholovich congratulated the teaching staff, as well as the invited veterans of pedagogical work with their professional holiday.

Annually, on September 22 all our country celebrates the Day of languages of the people of Kazakhstan, and on September 26 – Day of the European languages. On September 27, 2018 the French cultural center of KSPU together with the Polylingual center has held the event devoted to these holidays. Expansion of students’ knowledge in the field of languages and traditions of different nationalities and also education of respect for the native language and the country became the purpose of holding this action.

On May 5, 2018 on the eve of a great holiday of the Victory Day the rector of the Kostanay state pedagogical university, the deputy of the regional Maslikhat, Professor Abil Yerkin Amanzholovich has congratulated veterans of the Great Patriotic War Kryachko Vasily Stepanovicha and the Lubin Ivan Mikhaylovich on the coming Victory Day. During the words of congratulations the rector has noted that the main richness of each human soul is the memory of ancestors. In order that we lived now and were such what we are, many generations of people created our society.

On April 24, 2018 in a conference room of the Kostanay state pedagogical university there has taken place the meeting with the naib imam of the regional mosque Balakhmet Alisher Yertaiuly and the chief specialist of youth policy of akimat of the Kostanay region Indira Dauletkhankyzy. The meeting was held for the purpose of increase in religious literacy at students before a month Ramadan. During the meeting students asked questions on a subject "that such aspiration to knowledge whether it is important to receive knowledge of Islam before a month Ramadan", on everything they asked questions have received answers.

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