Что такое выпускной для студента? Это главный праздник, когда в своём долгожданном дипломе ты видишь труд нескольких лет и новый виток судьбы. В этом году, впервые в истории, торжественная церемония вручения дипломов в КГПУ им.У.Султангазина прошла в онлайн формате. Поздравили выпускников ректор, деканы факультетов, заведующие кафедрами, кураторы, родители и студенты младших курсов. «Для меня это было интересно,- говорит Меруерт Нурушева, выпускница Департамента филологии,- очень необычно получить диплом таким образом. Я считаю, всё что ни делается, всё к лучшему, к тому же, такого выпускного ни у кого не было!»

In recent years, the number of people in the country who have chosen the profession of a teacher is growing. A student studying in this area undergoes practical training. In this regard, we interviewed a 4-year student of the Kazakh language and literature educational program at KSPU named after W. Sultangazin, Nurusheva Meruert. - Meruert, why did you choose the profession of a teacher? - I do not think that I was mistaken in choosing this profession, it is difficult, but interesting. Or was it my childhood dream to be like my first teacher, or did I want to follow in my sister's footsteps? 

On May 12, a meeting was held among all the universities of Kazakhstan participating in the international KUTEL project with the country coordinator Zakirova Gulnara Demeshevna. This meeting was caused by the need to prepare the main activities for the completion of the second reporting period for the project. Gulnara Demeshevna quite clearly set the tasks for all the universities involved in the project. Firstly, it is necessary to complete the procurement procedure for equipment planned under the project and prepare the relevant documentation.

The meeting of the Republican competitive commission for awarding the title of "Best University Teacher" was held on December 27, 2019. Lecturers from 81 universities in Kazakhstan (total of 471 participants) took part this year. The activities of lecturers were assessed by updated qualitative and quantitative indicators for assessing the work of applicants. As a result of the competition, two lecturers of our university were awarded the title of "Best University Teacher" - Professor, Doctor of Biological Sciences Bragina Tatyana Mikhailovna and candidate of historical sciences Bekmagambetov Ruslan Kabdugalievich.

An introductory workshop was held for students of the Faculty of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism and students of the Faculty of Natural Sciences on KUTEL project “Kazak Universities to foster quality assurance processes in Technology Enhanced Learning”, during which students got acquainted with the activities of the University in this international projecton November, 21st, 2019. So, the students were presented with the results of the first international project and demonstrated the main stages of the activities of the second international project. In November 2018, a new project “KUTEL” was launched. This is the second international project where Kostanay State Pedagogical University participates. This project is funded by the European Commission.

On the basis of the State Organization “Organization of Professional Unions in Kostanay Region”, on June,20th, 2019, a meeting was held with government officials working in the field of ensuring the quality of education. Among the participants of the meeting were the heads of the Kostanai apparatus, workers in the field of ensuring the quality of education, employees in the social and legal spheres. The organizer of the meeting is a member of the research group V.V. Bezhina. 

During the period from May 20, 2019 to June 10, 2019 in the Kostanay state pedagogical university of Umirzak Sultangazin the summer school of additional education for students of 1-2 courses of the full-time department was held. 947 students from all faculties of the university took part in it. Training within the module "Psychology and Pedagogical support of Children with Special Educational Needs" contributed to the moral and spiritual development of students, formation of the atmosphere of friendship, respect, mutual understanding and support, formation of the tolerant attitude towards physically disabled people.

On May 31, 2019, the final competition of young teachers of our university was held. The mentoring project was initiated by Rimma Chingizovna Bekturganova, advisor to the rector. With the approval of the KSPU rector, the project was supported by the Council of Veterans. The chairman of the Council of veterans Abdykalikova KA actively participated in the project as organizers. and curator of the project Vazheva N.V. In the finals of the competition - five teachers. Mentors, teachers, students came to support them. The Vice-Rector for Research and Strategic Development, Ph.D.-M. Medetov N.A.

On May 30, a student informal conference “Students Talks” was held in the co - working center “Boom Space”. This conference was held in the framework of the program “Rouhani zagyru”. The Inter-University Conference “Students Talks” is an interactive platform for representatives of the student sector, where each speaker shared experiences and ideas worthy of distribution. In their speeches the speakers raised relevant and interesting problems that relate to various aspects of life. Among the speakers were students of our university - Sultan Kozhamberdiev, 3rd year student, and Diana Temirkhanova, 2nd year student, who spoke about the results of their project activities, about the Wonder 7 project and U - SMART Business Incubator in particular.

April 9 in Almaty on the basis of the Almaty University of Energy and Communications, which is a partner of our university in the KUTEL project, the first monitoring on the implementation of the project “Universities of Kazakhstan for improving quality assurance processes in training using new technologies” was held.
The purpose of this monitoring was to analyze the main directions of the project, identify the key functions of each project participant, identify the main activities carried out during the project, understand the content and significance of all the project work packages.

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