5B011000 - Physics

Specialty code 5В011000
Name of specialty Physics
Awarded the degree Bachelor of education
Education form Full-time education, part-time education
Training period Full time education: 4 years/ 3years/ 2 years
Part time education: 3 years/  2 years
Entrance examination 1 Profile subject: Mathematics
2 Profile subject: Physics

Graduates of the schools of the past years, graduates of colleges entering the related specialties for shortened educational programs with accelerated term of studies apply for the CTE / CT from June 1 to June 20, if they want to apply for participation in the competition for awarding an educational grant.

Applicants will pass a special examination. A special examination, which consists of a pedagogical test and a pedagogical situation, is aimed at determining the propensity of entrants to pedagogical activity.

If you are not admitted to the pedagogical profession, applicants have the right to participate in the competition for awarding an educational grant in other specialties in accordance with the subject of choice.

Applications for participation in the special examination will be accepted from June 20 to July 31. For applicants applying for a paid basis, after a competition for awarding state educational grants, a special examination is held until August 18. The exam is evaluated according to the principle of "admitted" / "not admitted". Consultation and materials for a special exam can be obtained at the admissions office of the Institute.

Accordingly, all applicants who apply for admission to the university on pedagogical specialties (graduates of schools of the current year and previous years, college graduates), it is necessary to pass a special examination during this period.

A physics teacher is one of the most popular professions in the field of education. According to the Department of Forecasting JSC «Center for the Development of Human Resources» of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population in Kostanai oblast, the need for teachers is 2.5% of all professions.

Bachelors in specialty 5B011000-Physics can perform the following types of professional activities:

  • educational (pedagogical) work as a teacher of physics in various educational institutions (schools, gymnasiums, lyceums, colleges, etc.);
  • research, implementation of scientific research in relevant disciplines in various organizations;
  • production and management activities in state structures of various levels (departments of education, akimats, laboratories of physical directions, etc.)

Opportunities for continuing education

A graduate of a bachelor's degree can continue his education in a magistracy and subsequently become a master with the right to work in higher educational and research institutions.

The content of educational programs on the specialty 5B011000-Physics

Preparing bachelor 5B011000-Physics is based on a national model of education, result-oriented and involves training specialist of a new formation, which owns the Eurasian politkulturnostyu, communicative technocratic capable of creatively and professionally to solve modern scientific and practical level, socially significant problems in teaching field.

The aim of the study general subjects is to provide conditions for the acquisition of a high general level of intellectual development, mastery of literacy and speech, humanitarian culture of thinking skills and scientific organization of labor.

The aim of teaching basic disciplines is to create conditions for the development of creativity, initiative and innovation, continuing education students at a later stage of higher education.

The purpose of training professional disciplines is the formation of competitiveness of graduates in the labor market, which would provide an opportunity for employment as quickly as possible in the specialty; Students select the individual programs in the field of education and professional competence.

Students are trained in a modular educational program in which they can choose one of three trajectories:

  • Physics and teaching methods of physics
  • Fundamentals of Physics, Mathematics and general technical disciplines
  • Physics multilingual

Рекомендуемые элективные дисциплины по модулям

Recommended elective disciplines by modules

Educational program 1. Physics and teaching methods of physics

Local history, Basics of economics and business activity, Basics of law and anti-corruption policy, Religion Studies, Society and political science, Ecology and basics of life safety, Practical foreign language*,

Mathematical analysis, Analytic Geometry and linear Algebra, Elementary Physics, Mechanics, Molecular Physics, Electricity and Magnetism, Theory of probability and mathematical statistics, Optics, Physics of atom and atomic nucleus, Classical Mechanics, Electrodynamics and STR, Quantum Mechanics, Methods of mathematical Physics, Radioelectronics, Static physics and the basic of Physical Kinetics, Theory of the atomic nucleus and elementary particles, Technique of school experiment, Basics of scientific research in vocational pedagogy, Professional directions of a teacher, Training technique of solving physics tasks, Methods of solving competitive problems

Educational program 2. Fundamentals of Physics, Mathematics and general technical disciplines

Training technique of teaching Mathematics, Training technique of vocational training, Training technique of teaching drawing, Elementary Mathematics, Basics of drawing, The demonstration experiment in secondary school physics course, Innovative technologies in learning physics, Practical work in decision of school tasks, The application features elements of «Applied physics»

Educational program 3. Physics multilingual involves learning along the trajectory Physics and teaching methods of physics in three languages ​​(Kazakh, Russian, English)

Training courses

In May-June there are free courses in subjects (the schedule is drawn up in April)

In all specialties for the delivery of SNT / CTE within the framework of the Institute, preparatory courses are conducted, for information, contact the telephone of the selection committee.

The issuing department is the chair of physico-mathematical and general technical disciplines

The practical and laboratory work of the department is organized in educational laboratories where all disciplines of the physics course are held:

  1. Laboratory of Mechanics and Molecular Physics
  2. Laboratory of Optics, Electricity and Magnetism
  3. Laboratory of methods of teaching physics and technology of school experiments
  4. Laboratory of Atomic Physics and Radioelectronics
  5. Laboratory of Computer Methods of Physics
  6. Laboratory of Robotics, Electronics and Automation

In poly-lingual groups, disciplines in English are taught by teachers who have received basic education with in-depth study of English, or who have been trained in far-abroad countries. The training of students of these groups is focused on the training of personnel in the Nazarbayev Intellectual School.

The department pays much attention to the organization of research activities of students.

The scientific circle «Astronomy: history and modernity», the problem group «Scientific research of students in physics» is successfully operating.

Students take an active part and take prizes in republican and regional competitions of student scientific and practical works, student scientific and practical conferences, subject Olympiads, competitions, projects, debates, regional events to support startup projects.

Educational work with students is focused on the formation of citizenship, patriotism, the promotion of healthy lifestyles, overcoming the negative phenomena that exist in the youth environment, for this purpose at the department annually held curatorial hours, round tables, student competitions, creative competitions on «The first president's day», «Independence Day - Kazakhstan Today».

Student events are held in the framework of modernization of public consciousness and realization of the program «Modernization of Kazakhstan’s identity».

  Head of the department Telegina O.S.
Address: 426 office, 118 Tauelsizdik Street, Kostanay
Phone: 8 (7142) 54 58 74 ext. 132
Phone of the selection committee: 8 (7142) 54-28-49

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