5B090200 - Tourism

Specialty code 5В090200
Name of specialty Tourism
Awarded the degree Bachelor in Services in Tourism
Education form full-time, part-time
Training period Full time education: 4 years/ 3 years/ 2 years
Part time education: 3 years/ 2 years
Entrance examination 1 Profile subject: geography
2 Profile subject: foreign language

Profession Tourism Manager

The tourism manager is a relatively new profession in the list of competencies of local universities. Like any other subject or specialty, it has its pluses and minuses. However, to study this business today means to be in a trend, in the spirit of the times. In recent years, the profession is on high places in the popularity ratings of applicants and is not going to take positions.

Students can receive the following qualifications the following directions:

  • management of international and domestic tourism;
  • management of hotel and restaurant business;
  • management of active and sports tourism

Specialists with the Bachelor of Tourism degree can perform a variety of professional activities. The specialist is trained for organizational and managerial activities in the field of domestic and international tourism as:

  • employees in public administration in the field of tourism business;
  • managers managing public and private companies in the field of tourism;
  • heads of various services of the tourist complex (hotel business, restaurant business, transport services for tourists, etc.)
  • instructors in tourist-excursion organizations;
  • Teachers of educational establishments preparing specialists of tourist profile.

The content of educational programs in the specialty 5В090200 -Tourism

The training curriculum for tourism provides extensive training in tourism, both domestic and international. Within the framework of the curriculum, a large block of courses is focused on local history work: disciplines, excursions, planning and organization of tourist events, and others. Considerable attention is paid to legal and economic issues in the organization of tourism activities: Management of international and domestic tourism, Legal basis for tourism, Financial and economic activities of tourism enterprises, Tourism marketing. Mastering the system of organizational skills in international tourism includes studying the following disciplines: Culture of Service and Hospitality, Catering in Tourism, Hotel Industry in English, Innovative Technologies in Tourism, Research Methods of Tourism Organization, Psychology of Tourism, Geography of International Tourism. As part of the tourist training for students, starting from the 1st course, hikes of varying degrees of difficulty are held, which help students independently organize, plan and conduct a training trip for a day, two days and a week.

The content of professional activities in the specialty "Tourism" includes skills in the following areas:

  • development of routes;
  • making excursion programs and entertainment;
  • reservation of places in hotels;
  • redemption of tickets for regular flights;
  • organization of charter flights;
  • negotiations with the host country;
  • registration of insurance and visas;
  • formation of packages of tours;
  • conclusion of contracts with travel agencies;
  • conducting advertising campaigns;
  • conflict resolution with representatives of the host country.

Opportunities for continuing education

Graduates of the faculty, who showed a tendency to scientific activity, have the opportunity to continue their studies in the magistracy in the direction chosen by them.

Graduates of the specialty "Tourism" are in demand both in Kazakhstan and abroad, this direction is promising, it gives an opportunity to visit many countries as part of work or on burning permits and special offers on vacation; in this sphere, a fairly high level of wages, the multi-profile profession of the tourism manager allows you to work with any level of education and experience, there is work for anyone; when applying for a job there is no hard educational qualification.

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