5B011600 - Geography

Specialty code 5В011600
Name of specialty Geography
Awarded the degree Bachelor of education 
Education form Full-time education, part-time education
Training period Full time education: 4 years/ 3years/ 2 years
Part time education: 3 years/  2 years
Entrance examination 1 Profile subject: Biology
2 Profile subject: Geography

Applicants will pass a special examination. A special examination, which consists of a pedagogical test and a pedagogical situation, is aimed at determining the propensity of entrants to pedagogical activity.

If you are not admitted to the pedagogical profession, applicants have the right to participate in the competition for awarding an educational grant in other specialties in accordance with the subject of choice.

Applications for participation in the special examination will be accepted from June 20 to July 31. For applicants applying for a paid basis, after a competition for awarding state educational grants, a special examination is held until August 18. The exam is evaluated according to the principle of "admitted" / "not admitted". Consultation and materials for a special exam can be obtained at the admissions office of the Institute.

Accordingly, all applicants who apply for admission to the university on pedagogical specialties (graduates of schools of the current year and previous years, college graduates), it is necessary to pass a special examination during this period.

A graduate who received an academic degree from the Bachelor of Education in the specialty "5B011600 - Geography" should have a basic knowledge of all geographical disciplines that are part of the secondary school curriculum: "Natural History", "Initial Course in Physical Geography", "Physical Geography of Continents and Oceans" "Physical geography of Kazakhstan", "Economic and social geography of Kazakhstan", "Economic and social geography of the world", "Geography of the modern world" and in all areas of education, including and on specialization disciplines, if additional educational programs are provided in the curriculum of the specialty.

A special place in the preparation of the bachelor of geography is assigned to general education disciplines.

The sphere of professional activity of bachelor's degree 5B011600 - Geography:

  • education (a geography teacher in a secondary school, a lyceum, a gymnasium,
  • college, regardless of the form of ownership);
  • management (education and infrastructure departments, akimats and
  • planning bodies, organizations of industries and services,
  • nature protection and ecology);
  • science (research and design and design organizations for profiles: geography, geology, ecology, cartography, hydrology, seismology, geography of soils, etc.).

Types of professional activity of bachelors on specialty 5В011600 - Geography:

  • educational (pedagogical) work as: a teacher of geography and elective courses in ecology and the basics of economics in various educational institutions (schools, gymnasiums, lyceums, colleges, etc.), an organizer of tourism, local history and environmental work in the school;
  • research: implementation of scientific research in specialized disciplines in various organizations (geography, geology, ecology, cartography, hydrology, meteorology, geography of soils, tourism, etc.);
  • project, implementation of general and specialized developments indesign and engineering organizations (topographic surveys,creation of maps, meteorological sites), ecological trails, recreation, watering,reconstruction, district planning (for example, production and
  • social infrastructure, natural and socio-economicobjects, etc.);
  • production and management activities in government agencies at various levels (departments of education, governorates, department of nature conservation and land resources, tourist and local history and environmental organizations, etc.);
  • expert activity in the position of experts in various organizations on the problems of nature protection, nature management, population, regions, etc. (examination of projects, plans, programs and forecasts of development of countries, cities, districts and rural districts, evaluation procedures, justification of projects, etc.);
  • organizational and technological activity as engineers in the monitoring system for the environment, employees of land and environmental organizations, in tourism and local lore and environmental institutions, etc.

Opportunities for continuing education

Graduates of a specialty, showed a tendency to scientific work, have the opportunity to continue their studies in the master's degree in their chosen direction.

The content of the educational programs of the specialty 5B011600 - Geography:

  • Geography (Historical Geology; Nomenclature of the physical geography of the world; Geology and geography of mineral deposits; Practical-oriented directions in geography; Flora and fauna of the world; Paleogeography; Geodesy and topography; Technical and economic basis of production;; Country studies; Teacher's professional guidelines; , Soil and soil resources of the world, Geography and geomorphology of the mountain countries of the world, Georbanistics, Physical geography of Kazakhstan, Modern geography of Kazakhstan; Toponymy of Kazakhstan; Urban and general landscape studies; Hydrology; Recreational geography; Neolandscapes);
  • Geography and biology in multilingual groups (Geotectonics; Nomenclature of the physical geography of the world; Geology and geography of mineral deposits; Landscape science; Geographical characteristics of continents and oceans; Cartography with the basics of topography; Geography of soils; Introduction to geography; Demography and demographic policy of the countries of the world; Political geography of the countries of the world in the system of economic relations; Geography of the modern world; Professional guidance of the teacher; Fundamentals of meteorology and climatology; Geomorphology; Physical geography of Kazakhstan; The modern geography of Kazakhstan; Toponymy of Kazakhstan; Zoology and animal biodiversity; Human ecology; Decorative floriculture and landscape design; Botany and plant biodiversity);
  • Geography and ecology (Geology; Geographical nomenclature; Geology and geography of mineral deposits; Landscape science; Physical geography of continents and oceans; Basics of topography orientation on the ground; Geography of soils; Introduction to economic, social and political geography; Geography of the population; Geography of international economic relations; Economic, social and political geography of the world; Professional guidance of the teacher; Toponymy; Basics of meteorology and climatology; Geomorphology; Physical geography of Kazakhstan; Economic and social geography of Kazakhstan; Ecological problems of the Republic of Kazakhstan; Restoration of disturbed territories; Monitoring of the natural environment; Protected areas and principles of biodiversity conservation).

Curriculum for professionals provides a broad general education, general pedagogical and specialized training.

Additional types of training: educational, pedagogical, industrial practice, physical culture.

In all specialties to pass the UNT/CTA as part of the Institute conducted training courses, for more information please call the admissions office.

Department of Natural Sciences provides training for bachelors in the specialties 5B011200 - "Chemistry", 5B011300 - "Biology", 5B011600 - "Geography".  

The staff of the department is a combination of experienced teachers, including Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Candidates of Chemical, Biological and Pedagogical Sciences and Masters.

At the Department of Natural Sciences there are multilingual groups in all three specialties - "Biology", "Geography" and "Chemistry". Classes in these groups are conducted in 3 languages: Kazakh, Russian and English.

At the framework of academic mobility of our students are studying in leading universities of Kazakhstan, CIS and foreign countries.

At the department pays much attention to the organization of research activity of students.

Students take an active part in the Republican competition of student scientific and practical works, student scientific and practical conferences, olympiads, contests, projects, start-ups.

Head of the Department natural sciences, Ruchkina G.A.
Address: 110000, Kostanay, Tauelsizdik street, 118, 712 office
Telephone: 8 (7142) 54-25-89 (deanery), 54-24-09 222 (chair of nature science)
Telephone of the office of admissions: 8 (7142) 54-28-49.

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