5B010800 - Physical Culture and Sports

Specialty code 5В010800
Name of specialty Physical Culture and Sports
Awarded the degree Bachelor of education
Education form Full-time education, part-time education
Training period Full time education: 4 years/ 3years/ 2 years
Part time education: 3 years/ 2 years
Entrance examination 1. Profile exam (presidential tests)
2. Profile exam (for selected specialization)

Specialists with education of bachelor of physical culture and sports can perform the following types of professional activity:

  • educational (pedagogical) - physical education in pre-school, secondary schools and various organizations that use physical culture and mass sports, to promote health, improve physical performance.
  • organizational and managerial - organization and conduct of pedagogical activity in physical culture and sports in the educational and educational structures of the spheres of education, holding and judging competitions, sporting events.
  • coaching (sports) activity is characterized by planning of sports achievements, education of moral and strong-willed qualities, patriotism in persons of various ages, sports results without harming the health of those involved;
  • settlement and design activities are related to the development of training equipment, sports facilities, sites, sports equipment and equipment;
  • scientific research activity - conducting scientific researches in the field of physical culture in general educational and scientific laboratories, organizations, in children's sports schools

Training in the specialty 5В010800 «Physical culture and sports» requires qualification:

1. Teacher of physical culture, coach for a selected sport

  • soccer coach;
  • volleyball coach;
  • basketball coach;
  • coach for sports tourism and rock climbing;
  • coach for power sports;
  • coach for martial arts;
  • and other sports

2. Physical culture teacher, manager in sports and tourism

Возможности продолжения образования

Выпускник бакалавриата может продолжить обучение в магистратуре и в последующем стать магистром с правом работы в высших учебных и научно-исследовательских учреждениях.

The content of educational programs in the specialty 5В010800 - Physical education and sports

The curriculum of training in the field of physical culture and sports provides for broad physical, physiological and general education. Physiological education students receive on the basis of studying courses the age physiology and school hygiene, anatomy and the basics of sports morphology, sports medicine and other physical training students improve in the framework of the academic disciplines: managing the process of sports training in a selected sport, sports games with teaching methods, sports skill in the chosen kind of sports, Methods of teaching physical culture and sports, Comprehensive control and methods of mathematical and statistical research Lease in sports, etc. In the framework of general physical training for students of 1st and 2nd year courses are held summer and winter camps, which help students independently organize, plan and conduct a training trip for a day, two days and a week.

Graduates of the faculty successfully work in Kazakhstan and abroad in various parts of the system of physical education and sports, such as the bodies of management of physical culture and sports at various levels, universities, colleges, general schools, children's and youth sports schools and sports clubs.

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