B003 Pedagogics and Methods of Primary Education

Code and classification of educational sphere: 6B01 Pedagogical Sciences
Code and classification of training areas: 6B013 Teacher Training without Subject Specialization
Name of groups of educational programs: B003 Pedagogics and Methods of Primary Education
Educational program: 6B01301 Pedagogics and Methods of Primary Education
Degree awarded Bachelor
Training period Full time education: 4 years / 3 years/ 2 years
Entrance examination Applicants pass UNT on the history of Kazakhstan, mathematical literacy, reading literacy (language of instruction) and two core subjects - Biology and Geography

Those entering the field of education “Pedagogical Sciences” will pass a special exam, which consists of a pedagogical test and a pedagogical situation, aimed at determining the tendency of applicants to pedagogical activity.

What will happen if you do not pass a special exam?

When students are not allowed to enter the teaching profession, they are not entitled to choose an educational program to participate in the competition for the award of an educational grant.

In case of inadmissibility to the teaching profession, applicants have the right to participate in the competition for the award of an educational grant for other groups of educational programs in accordance with the subject of choice.

Accordingly, all applicants applying for admission to the university in the field of education "Pedagogical Sciences" (graduates of schools of the current year and previous years, college graduates), it is necessary to pass a special exam in the specified period.

Persons with secondary, technical and vocational or post-secondary education who are enrolled in educational programs of higher education, providing for shortened periods of study (2 and 3 years), pass an additional exam for admission to the university on a paid basis.

Acceptance of documents and a special exam for admission in the field of education "Pedagogical Sciences" are carried out from June 20 to August 14 of the calendar year.

Profession primary school Teacher

Primary school teacher is the most humane, creative and necessary profession, which is the Foundation of all other professions in the world. The specialist of this profile plays an important role in the formation of the personality of each student. Therefore, each of us remembers a significant day in his life: the first time in the first class. And the first flowers to your first teacher? It is she who takes upon herself the great responsibility to introduce the little man into a new world-the world of knowledge. This is her, the kindest, most intelligent, most beautiful, trustworthy and respected, all his life then remember grateful students. A primary school teacher is a teacher, educator, psychologist, music Director in one person. It conducts lessons in all disciplines, organizes entertainment activities, children's recreation and leisure. In addition, he tries to help the child to reveal their inclinations, to feel like a creative person.

The teaching profession is one of the most respected, honorable and responsible professions. We can say that the teacher creates the future of the country, because his work largely depends on the diversity of the development of knowledge of the young generation, his beliefs, worldview, moral qualities.

Pedagogical activity requires a special vocation. Education and training can and should be done only by people with an inclination and love for this business. The teacher should love the process of knowledge transfer, the process of training and education of a person. Success of pedagogical activity in many respects depends on communicative abilities of the teacher, on his ability to adjust correct relations with children. Working with children requires a teacher of high concentration, well-formed operational and long-term memory. The teacher works with the whole class, and he needs to keep many students in sight. He should be able to notice all the changes in their behavior.

Our UNIVERSITY is focused on training a specialist who has key skills and is able to successfully carry out professional activities in changing conditions.

The model of a graduate:

  1. Deep knowledge and understanding in your subject area;
  2. Critical thinking and emotional intelligence
  3. Leadership qualities: entrepreneurial skills, decision-making skills
  4. High level of personal awareness and academic integrity
  5. Global citizenship, while remaining a citizen and patriot of his country.

Goals and objectives of the educational program:

The main purpose of the educational program is to train a professional in the field of pedagogy and methods of primary education, possessing:

  • qualitative knowledge in the subject area;
  • analytical, research and language skills;
  • ability to further continuous self-education and self-improvement of professional knowledge, skills and abilities;
  • leadership skills and innovative thinking.

The main objectives of the educational program of training bachelors in the educational program 6B01301 Pedagogy and methodology of primary education:

  • providing professional training of future primary school teachers in accordance with the graduate Model and values of KSPU on the basis of advanced educational standards;
  • ensuring the declared results of training in each discipline;;
  • formation of integrity, of emapthy and psychological literacy, culture, thinking and behavior of teachers and students.

Types and sphere of professional activity of graduates

Bachelor of education programs 6B01301 "Pedagogy and methods of primary education" can perform the following types of professional activities:

  • educational (pedagogical) – as a primary school teacher, teacher TVE, specialist in primary education in the institutes of advanced training of teachers;
  • organizational and managerial – as a Director, Deputy for educational and educational work, a specialist in the Department of education management;
  • research – implementation of research activities in secondary schools, small schools, gymnasiums, lyceums.
  • Thus, the bachelor of education in the educational program 6B01301 "Pedagogy and methods of primary education" can hold the following positions:
  • primary school teacher;
  • principal;
  • Deputy for educational and educational work;
  • teacher of pedagogical College;
  • leading specialist in the Department of education management;
  • specialist in primary education in the institutes of advanced training of teachers;
  • founder of his own primary education business (private primary schools, development studios, etc.)

The curriculum of training specialists provides a broad General education, pedagogical and special training.

The content of the educational program 6B01301 "Pedagogy and methodology of primary education"

General education training is represented by a mandatory component: the Modern history of Kazakhstan, the Basics of entrepreneurial skills, Information and communication technologies (in English), the Kazakh language, a foreign language, etc.

General pedagogical and psychological training is carried out in the following disciplines: Psychology, Inclusive education, Diagnostics of the development of the personality of the younger student, History of pedagogy, Management in primary education, Methods of scientific and pedagogical research.

Elective disciplines: Theory and technology of teaching natural science with a workshop, Methods of teaching the Kazakh (Russian) language with a workshop, Methods of teaching "Art work" in primary school, Methods of teaching first-graders literacy, Theory and methods of teaching younger students a foreign language, Pedagogical animation, Tutoring in primary education.

The Department of "Preschool and primary education" pays great attention to the quality of development of educational programs. In the rating of educational programs conducted by NCE "Atameken" together with MES RK Educational program 6B01301 "Pedagogy and methodology of primary education", developed by the Department of preschool and primary education took in 2018 – 4th place, and in 2019-1st place.

Students have the opportunity to participate in research, volunteer activities; take an active part in the Republican competition of student scientific and practical works, student scientific and practical conferences, Olympiads, competitions, projects, startup projects.  Our students are winners of international and national competitions and Olympiads.

For all students it is possible to participate in the program of academic mobility with a trip to the leading universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Educational work with students is focused on the formation of citizenship, patriotism, promotion of a healthy lifestyle, overcoming the negative phenomena occurring in the youth environment.

Every year, meetings with law enforcement agencies, employees of the center for the formation of HLS, meetings with teachers, graduates, competitions, creative meetings are held.

Opportunities for continuing education

Graduates of the Department of Philology, who have shown a tendency to scientific activity, have the opportunity to continue their studies in master's and doctoral studies in their chosen direction.

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