5B011200 - Chemistry

Specialty code 5В011200
Name of specialty Chemistry
Awarded the degree Bachelor of education
Education form Full-time education, part-time education
Timing of training Full time education: 4 years/ 3years/ 2 years
Part time education: 3 years/  2 years
Entrance examination 1 Profile subject: Chemistry
2 Profile subject: Biology

Applicants will pass a special examination. A special examination, which consists of a pedagogical test and a pedagogical situation, is aimed at determining the propensity of entrants to pedagogical activity.

If you are not admitted to the pedagogical profession, applicants have the right to participate in the competition for awarding an educational grant in other specialties in accordance with the subject of choice.

Applications for participation in the special examination will be accepted from June 20 to July 31. For applicants applying for a paid basis, after a competition for awarding state educational grants, a special examination is held until August 18. The exam is evaluated according to the principle of "admitted" / "not admitted". Consultation and materials for a special exam can be obtained at the admissions office of the Institute.

Accordingly, all applicants who apply for admission to the university on pedagogical specialties (graduates of schools of the current year and previous years, college graduates), it is necessary to pass a special examination during this period.

Bachelor of Education in specialty 5B011200 Chemistry can hold the following positions:

  • senior laboratory assistant, laboratory assistant specialist in scientific research organizations of chemical and pedagogical profiles, etc .;
  • teacher of chemistry;
  • director, deputy director for research, training and educational work;
  • other positions equivalent to pedagogical workers in educational organizations and organizations of general secondary education, vocational education, secondary vocational education, as well as out-of-school organizations and organizations of additional education and upbringing.

Objects of professional activity:

  • organizations and institutions of general secondary education, vocational education,
  • secondary vocational education
  • out-of-school organizations and additional education and upbringing organizations.

Bachelors in specialty 5B011200 Chemistry can perform the following types:

professional activity in educational and upbringing organizations of general secondary education, vocational and technical education, secondary vocational education, as well as out-of-school organizations and additional education and upbringing organizations:

  • diagnostic;
  • educational (pedagogical);
  • design;
  • research;
  • production and management;
  • organizational and technological;
  • orientational-prognostic;
  • information and explanatory;
  • communicative-stimulating;
  • analytical and evaluation.

Opportunities for continuing education:

Graduates of the Department of Natural Sciences, who showed a tendency to scientific work, have the opportunity to continue their studies in the magistracy in their chosen direction.

With modern trends in multilingual education, it is becoming urgent to teach students in English. To this end, we, in addition to the "Chemistry" and "General and Environmental Chemistry" programs, offered the third educational program with disciplines in three languages ​​"Multilingual Chemistry". Graduates who have mastered this program will be able to work effectively in Nazarbayev intellectual schools, opening across the country

In this regard - the content of educational programs in the specialty 5B011200 - Chemistry is aimed at the development of the following trajectories

  • Chemistry
  • Multilingual chemistry
  • General and ecological chemistry

The content of educational programs on the specialty 5B011200 - Chemistry

The curriculum for the training of specialists provides for broad general educational, general pedagogical and special training.

General education is represented by the obligatory component: Modern history of Kazakhstan, Philosophy, Kazakh (Russian), Foreign language, Information and communication technologies (in English), Professional Kazakh (Russian) language, Professionally-oriented foreign language.

General pedagogical and psychological training is carried out on the disciplines: Physiology of schoolchildren development, Pedagogy, Psychology, Management in Education, Critical Assessment Technologies, Inclusive Education, Theory and Methods of Educational Work, Methods of Teaching Chemistry.

Special training is carried out on the disciplines: Qualitative analysis, Quantitative analysis, Methodology for solving problems in chemistry, Chemistry of elements of the periodic system, Theoretical foundations of inorganic chemistry, Chemistry of functional derivatives of organic molecules, Methods of searching for scientific and technical information, Computer chemistry, Chemical ecology. experiment, Structure of matter, Physical chemistry, Food analysis, Physical methods of research in chemistry, Chemical technology,Colloidal chemistry, Professional guidance of the teacher.

Additional types of training: educational, pedagogical, industrial practice, physical culture.

In all specialties for the delivery of UNT / KTA within the framework of the Institute, preparatory courses are conducted, for information, contact the telephone of the selection committee.

The Department of Natural Sciences provides training for bachelors in the specialties 5B011200 - "Chemistry", 5B011300 - "Biology", 5B011600 - "Geography".

The staff of the department is a combination of experienced teachers, including Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Candidates of Chemical, Biological and Pedagogical Sciences, and Young Masters.

At the department of natural sciences, polyglot groups are trained in three specialties: "Biology", "Geography" and "Chemistry", classes in which are conducted in 3 languages: Kazakh, Russian and English.

In the framework of academic mobility, our students study in leading universities in Kazakhstan, near and far abroad.

The department pays much attention to the organization of research activities of students.

Students take an active part in the Republican competition of student scientific and practical works, student scientific and practical conferences, olympiads, contests, projects, start-ups.

Head of the Department natural sciences, Ruchkina G.A.
Address: 110000, Kostanay, Tauelsizdik street, 118, 712 office
Telephone: 8 (7142) 54-25-89 (deanery), 54-24-09 222 (Department of nature science)
Telephone of the office of admissions: 8 (7142) 54-28-49.

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