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Nauryzbaeva Elmira

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Educational - methodical management includes the following structural divisions:

The purpose of the educational - methodical management - the organization, planning and improving the efficiency of the educational process by means of purposeful educational and methodical work.

Tasks of educational - methodical management:

  • scientific and methodological support for the implementation of educational programs;
  • development, implementation of new and improvement of existing technologies, methods, tools and forms of educational process;
  • development of creative thinking of the teacher, providing training and professional skills of teachers, improving the scientific and methodological potential of the teaching staff.

The main activities of the educational - methodical management

  1. The Organization, management and control of the educational process at the University according to requirements of the normative documents regulating educational activity:
  • development and introduction of proposals to improve and improve the efficiency of the educational process;
  • development of educational and methodical, informational, normative and organizational documentation for the implementation of the educational process at the University;
  • development and improvement of educational programs of the University;
  • development and implementation of technologies of creative approach of the training process;
  • organization and analysis of control of studies;
  • scheduling training sessions, examinations, state examinations and protection of degree works;
  • organization and holding of educational seminars on improvement of educational and methodical work;
  • planning and organization of work on methodological support of departments and divisions of the University;
  • expansion of social partnership, strengthening of the University's relations with educational organizations, production and science in the framework of professional practice;
  • providing methodological assistance to young teachers in mastering modern pedagogical methods at the University.
  1. Organization and planning of educational process:
  • calculation of the teaching load of the teaching staff of the University departments;
  • distribution of teaching load of the teaching staff of the departments;
  • taking into account the implementation of the teaching load of the teaching staff of the departments;
  • control over the implementation of the work plan of departments, Dean's office and individual plans of staff;
  • coordination of the work of faculties and departments on the organization and conduct of all types of practices;
  • preparation of draft orders for approval of the SAC chairs and the SAC members;
  • preparation of the draft order for the approval of the diploma works of students, managers and reviewers;
  • analysis and synthesis of the reports of SAC chairmen;
  • organization working to coordinate elective courses with employers.
  • preparation of documents for the opening of new specialties;
  • preparation and submission of information on requests of organizations, enterprises and MES RK;
  • preparation of orders of the rector on educational-methodical work and etc.
  1. Organization and development of educational - methodical, information documentation for the implementation of the educational process:
  • modular educational programs (MEP);
  • catalogues of elective disciplines (CED);
  • working curricula of bachelor's and master's degrees in all forms of education;
  • educational-methodical complexes of specialties (EMCS);
  • educational-methodical complexes of disciplines (syllabus);
  • working curricula of disciplines;
  • academic calendars.
  1. Organization and analysis of the control of training sessions.
  • scheduling training sessions, examination sessions, state examinations and protection of diploma works;
  • control over the quality of academic classes and independent work of students with a teacher and analysis of the content of the educational process;
  • control over the attendance of students and their analysis.

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