From May 30 to June 9, 2020, at the Department of Natural Sciences of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in online format defense of theses was held. Protection was held by students of the Kazakh, Russian, multilingual departments with a degree in "Geography". The State Commission presented various topics of diploma research: Toponymy of Uzunkolsky district, Features of the location of Kostanay historical and cultural monuments, Analysis of migration processes in the Kostanay region in 2010-2018, Demographic situation in the Mendykarinsky district for 2010-2019, Analysis of the hydronyms of Kostanay region, Use STEM educational technologies in geography lessons for the development of IT skills (OZAT in the form of a lyceum school), the development of students' creative competence and the use of gaming technologies in geography lessons in 8th grade, etc.

On may 16, 2020, first-year students of the educational program «6B01502-Physics» presented for defense the social project «Нold out your hand to the paws» in the discipline «Community Service». During the implementation of the project, the children visited the «Zoopuls» animal shelter, learned about the problems faced by employees and helped homeless animals with food. In the social network Instagram the guys have a page and thus try to provide information support to the shelter.

The path to professionalism: my future profession, the so-called video contest, which took place at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics according to the distance learning plan of KSPU named after UmirzakSultangazin. The main goal of the competition is to popularize the educational programs of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, reflect the possibilities of educational programs of undergraduate studies, as well as to enable students to demonstrate their professional skills and creative potential. General management of the preparation and conduct of the competition was carried out by the organizing committee, which included a candidate of biological sciences, associate professor G. Ruchkina (also provided methodological support), master of chemistry, senior teacher M. Gubenko, master of teacher education, senior teacher A. Aitbenova, acting Head of the Department of FMD Telegin OS.

By the order of the State Institution "Department of Youth Policy of the Akimty of the Kostanai Region" under the project "Organization and promotion of socially significant youth events in the framework of the implementation of the program articles «Рухани жаңғыру», «Ұлы даланың жеті қыры»" the regional contest "100 zhana ogulyk" was held among higher and secondary special educational institutions in the form of book trailers. A book trailer is a miniature video that includes vivid and recognizable moments of a book, visualizing its contents.

Students of the 2nd year, majoring in geography, under the guidance of V.V. Koval, implement the project "Recreational geography of Kazakhstan". The main goal of the project is to study and promote recreational resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan. During the promotion of the project, work was carried out with students of the school and student groups of Kostanay. This topic is relevant, since the development of domestic tourism is one of the priorities of state policy.

On April 21, 2020, on the eve of International Earth Day, the staff of the Department of Natural Sciences worked in the online seminar «The educational environment as a means of forming an individual's environmental responsibility».This day is considered by many to be a day of responsibility to the planet, people and nature. In 147 countries, celebrations and events are held, urging to pay attention to environmental problems. The seminar consolidated the pedagogical resource of specialists from Kostanay, Almaty, Pavlodar, Chelyabinsk in the formation of the noosphere thinking of a contemporary as an active transformer of the environment.

On April 10, 2020, the Department of computer science, robotics and computer technologies organized and held an on-line conference on the topic "Problems of distance learning in schools for teachers of computer science and art work". The conference was attended by teachers of the Department of Irikt and teachers of schools in Kostanay and Tobyl: AOO "NISH", SLIT "Ozat", GU "secondary school No. 28" GU "School-Lyceum No. 1, GU "Secondary school No. 9", Zatobol school gymnasium named after N. Naushabayev, etc.

The Department of Natural Sciences on April 6, 2020, as part of the 1150th anniversary of the birth of Abu Nasr al-Farabi, organized an online seminar on the topic: “Ul-Mashani - an outstanding Kazakh scientist, writer, teacher.” The purpose of the seminar is to popularize the scientific works of A. Mashanov who contributed to the study of the works of the great al-Farabi. The seminar was actively attended by students of the EP “Geography” 3rd year Dandybaev Zh., Kudabaev D. prepared a presentation on the life and work of Ul-Mashani. Blambaeva A., Omarova A prepared a presentation on the writings of әl-Mashani written about al-Farabi.

On April 1, 2020, the Department of Natural Sciences was organized online and conducted an eco-flashmob. Biologists and caring people took an active part in the festival International Bird Day. Despite the declared pandemic around the world and the ban on entry and departure to other countries, the birds will definitely not be prevented from returning home from their wintering places. Each year, the Kazakhstan Biodiversity Conservation Association (ACBK), together with the Kazakhstan Bird Conservation Union, selects the Bird of the Year symbol by voting among the members of the Association.

On March 13, 2020, the V international scientific and practical conference of students and young scientists "Methodology, theory and practice of modern biology"was held at Baitursynov Kostanay state University. The main goal of the conference is to promote mutual intellectual enrichment of countries, regions, scientific, pedagogical and research teams. The conference was held in 6 sections. Students of the 4th year majors "Biology" and "Geography" of the Department of natural Sciences took part and made presentations. Students took part in 4 sections. The topics of the reports are presented by fundamental, applied, and methodological research. In the section "Problems of human relations with the environment", the report "Influence of thuja Occidentalis L. extract on the microbial activity of human oral bacteria" was presented by Torybayev Zhanbolat Serikovich, awarded a diploma of the 2nd degree. In the section "Topical issues of Zoology" with a report on "Economically important representatives of the aquatic malacofauna of Kostanay region", Kim Lyubov Vladimirovna was awarded a diploma of the 1st degree. Scientific supervisor: doctor of biology, Professor T. M. Bragina.

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